Top 5 Strategies for Smart Cyber Security

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Digital Marketing Tips, Website Design


1. Use Strong Passwords

Enable 2-Step verification whenever offered by your online subscription or service. This will help protect you against fraud, identity theft and hackers.

2. Keep your Software and Operating Systems Updated

Yes, those annoying software updates that pop up every time you open your computer are important in keeping you protected. There are always new problems and threats to contend with; but keeping everything up-to-date is just another step in helping you stay secure.

3. AntiVirus and Malware

Both of these types of software are a great tool for early detection as they search for patterns and will alert you to anything out of the ordinary. They will also bring your attention to unknown threats you may not even be aware of.

They provide an extra layer of protection when you or your staff make a mistake. We are all human and we are the weakest link in the cybersecurity food chain.

4. Educate yourself and your team

Human error is the leading cause of most vulnerabilities. Either we download a file we shouldn’t or we click on a link in a suspicious email. The better informed you and your team are, the better you can protect yourself from the ever changing and clever attacks. We have noticed an uptick in phishing attacks with several of our clients. Education yourself!


Here is a great LinkedIn post that addresses Phishing Attacks:

5. Partner with a Trusted Expert

When in doubt ask questions. It is a great idea to have a technology partner for your business. Someone you can ask questions to, who can help you protect your technical assets.

Locally here in West Michigan we recommend EGLtech. My colleague Steve Van Dyke and his team have become a trusted resource for my business and someone I highly recommend to all my clients.

These are our top 5 strategies to help keep you safe from attacks. To learn more about keeping your website secure, be sure to read our “Top 3 Website Security Tips” or contact us for a free consultation.