11 Ways to Improve Website Conversions

by | Jan 16, 2022 | Website Design


What is a website conversion? It’s what you want! It’s a site visitor taking action, like signing up for a newsletter, sharing your blogpost, or buying your product. And one of the best paths to that engagement? An effective and inviting call to action (CTA).

1. Color Impacts Clicks
Orange, red, green, and blue call-to-action buttons are proven to lead to higher conversion rates.

2. Shape
Most call-to-action buttons are rectangular, but you and your audience are unique. Experiment with different shapes and possibly increase clicks!

3. Copy
Your calls to action should clearly communicate what you want your visitor to do. Be specific. Use action words like “click,” “download,” “join now,” “sign up,” or “learn more.”

4. Use Primary and Secondary CTAs
Not every visitor is ready for your primary call to action, so suggest an alternative to learn more and get to know you first. For example, offer a free digital download or an invitation to subscribe to your blog.

5. White Space
Give your call-to-action button breathing room; don’t crowd elements around it. By surrounding it with white space, you actually help draw a user’s attention to it.

6. Size
Big, bold buttons attract readers’ attention the best. Just make sure they are appropriately sized for your design.

7. Mobile
Your call-to-action buttons should be mobile-friendly. Regularly test to see how they look and allow engagement on phones and tablets.

8. Clear Messaging
Your website should clearly communicate what you do, what you offer, and what the user needs to do to get it. These things in combination give the user a clear path to what you are offering.

9. Positioning
Your primary call to action should be in your navigation menu and above the fold on your home page so users don’t have to scroll to find it. This is especially applicable to returning visitors who have done all the reading and research and are coming back ready to buy.

10. Keep Forms Simple
Forms on your website should contain as few fields as possible. If you are collecting information for a technical industrial quote, you’ll likely need several fields, but for scheduling a simple consultation call, request only name, phone, and email. You can collect the rest of the details in the second step. Make it simple.

11. Repetition
You should have your call-to-action buttons in multiple places on your home page. As a rule, I suggest placing one on every scroll so one is always visible. Other pages on your site should also include your primary calls to action. As a user reads through your interior pages and comes to the bottom of the page, they should always be led to something else. Ideally, it’s your call to action.