VanDenBerg Angus

Branding Strategies, Website Design and Printed Marketing Materials

One page websites can be effective. For this redesign for VanDenBerg Angus, we chose a striking featured image and kept the layout clean. The client requested a few sections of information and this works.

This is the third website design for VanDenBerg Angus and we customized the mobile view to include a row of buttons within close reach of your thumb while mobile, making it very easy for viewers to call, view a section of the site or jump to the Facebook page.

In March 2020 we had to disperse the herd as we lost the land we were renting for our operation. This was a big transistion but we have moved on and one day may have cattle again. 

Sample of Designs and Marketing Materials

Vandenberg Angus Businesscard
VanDenBerg Angus Flyer 2014
Previous Layouts of VanDenBerg Angus Website

Previous Layouts of VanDenBerg Angus Website