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Webinar graphics
Webinar graphics


Your website needs to make a great first impression and you probably have about 5 seconds to do that. With all the demands for your attention running your business, it’s easy to overlook your website or put off updating it, but when you utilize its fullest potential and make it ‘work’ for you, you increase conversion, leads, and ultimately sales.

I started building websites and designing communication materials for livestock and agriculture businesses in 1999, when the internet was new and unproven. Only those with marketing budgets were willing to invest time and money to test it out. Soon the world shifted online in every aspect of our lives, and all businesses—large and small—quickly discovered they could wait no longer. Websites went from luxury to necessity.

But as essential as it is to have a website, it’s not enough. Your website needs to clearly communicate three things in 5 seconds or less:

1. What you do / offer.
2. How it’s going to make the person’s life better.
3. What they need to do to get it.

This is the approach I take to every website design project, including my own.

What do I do?

I help business owners look their best online. I am a listener, planner, strategist, analyst, a partner, and a coach. My skills include the technical expertise needed to build a great website and the design expertise to ensure the website captures and holds the attention of visitors.

How do I make my client’s life better?

By developing creative solutions to utilize a website. We take the stress off the struggling DIYer or busy business owner. We bring clarity, organization, and results to a website redesign project.

What do you have to do to get it?

Just book a call with me.


Why a Tulip?

While helping business owners with this website framework and messaging, developing logos and brands has also been rewarding work. My brand has evolved over 20 years. I’ve gone through two name changes and transitioned from offering many more services to focusing on just a core few we do best. As I refined my business and narrowed by service offerings, my mission became more clear.

This growing process and clarity culminated with our new logo design. In researching the tulip—a flower I’ve always loved—I found it to be a natural fit. Not only does it play off my Dutch last name, but its meaning is “perfect love,” a wonderful way to reflect my Christian perspective. It also matches my agricultural background and growth-minded approach and symbolizes a consistent presence in an ever changing landscape. Indeed, my tulip logo reflects the key elements of my approach to web design.

When you are looking for a website development partner, it’s important to find someone who is the right fit for your business. This description of a tulip captures perfectly the feeling or fit that I identify with for my business.

“Not too elegant, not too romantic, not too big or small or bright; the tulip is always just right. Like a favorite pair of jeans or your mom’s fresh-baked cookies, the meaning behind the tulip expresses genuine coziness and comfort in all the right ways.”

And tulips mean not only comfort, but promise and reliability. They show up, no matter how cold or hard the winter or how wet or dry the spring. They persevere even as the world around them constantly changes. And when you work in technology, constant changes are the norm. It’s a privilege to show up day after day and serve our clients, facing and addressing those changes together.

Today, we are all confronted with multiple online channels to spend our time and money on. The way we communicate and share our offerings with clients has multiplied from simple websites to email, social media, chatbots, and text messaging, all while often maintaining print and direct mail advertising. The options can be overwhelming.

Let me help. I bring twenty years of expertise, intelligent designs, and effective communication strategies to assist you in presenting your best self to your clients. I provide unique problem-solving skills to deliver effective solutions. I can help you say what you need to say, and I can make you look good.

Rebecca VanDenBerg

Rebecca VanDenBerg

As a God-fearing woman, my priorities are to my family and faith first, and my business second. I have been building websites since 1999.

Earl Bordner helping Rebecca learn to show

Angus cattle have been a part of my life since I was a kid. Being raised on a farm instilled a strong work ethic and appreciation for our natural resources. It also fostered an independent, fearless spirit. There was no Google or YouTube; when something broke you tried to fix and if that didn’t work, you tried something else. We had to figure it out! Both of my grandparents ran farms and one had a small feed business. I learned some of my best lessons from watching my grandparents.

When I am not in front of my computer, you can find me at a hockey rink, enjoying Lake Michigan, or at the farm with my family.

My goal is to make you look good online.

It all starts with a clear, effective website.

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