Best free step to improve your website search engine ranking

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UPDATED: June 2018

One of the best free steps you can take to get your business listed on Google and help your search engine ranking is to register with Google Business Listing (fka Google Places).

It’s free, simple and only take a few minutes.

By registering and verifying your business with Google your business will show up in local searches, maps and across the web better than before. You will establish credibility with Google and help customers find you easier.

Since we posted this article in 2013, Google has made significant improvements to the Google Business Listing platform. After you claim your listing using the step below, visit my new post on “How to get the most out of your Google Business listing”

Here is a typical Google search results screen shot:

Rietberg Farms Google Search Results Screenshot

And here is a Google search results after registering with Google:

VanDenBerg Angus Google Search Results Screenshot

Let’s look at mobile search results:
mobile google search results

Google will display any information they can find other places online if you do not claim and update your listing. But as you can see by having updated photos, contact info, hours, etc. you can significantly enhance your online presence especially on mobile searches.

Registering your business with Google Business Listing gives Google the ability to instantly provide a map of your location as well as current contact information.

So why focus only on Google?

Because they dominate the online search market with 72% of desktop and 92% of mobile search market share.

FUN FACT: 2.3 million searches per second are performed on Google.

How to register with Google

1. Visit Google My Business

2. Log into Google or sign up for a free account. (You can use any email address to create a Google account, you do not need to sign-up for G-mail)
google business listing

3. Follow the step-by-step procedures on the screen. You will have to enter your address, phone, email, web address, hours of operation (if applicable) and you can add a description of your business. I highly recommend you fill out as many details as possible to take full advantage of the free listing.

4. You will have to verify you are indeed the owner of the business. Google offers verification by text message or U.S. Mail. I have registered businesses by both methods. The text message method is instant and the U.S. Mail method takes a few days to review a verification code by mail.

The process is simple and quick and I highly recommend you register today!

Then check out my new post on “How to get the most out of your Google Business Listing”.