COVID Mask Crafters

Website Design
Covid Mask Crafters Website
During the Coronavirus quarantine, as a hobby sewer, I started sewing face masks as a way to cope and help in positive way. I was able to purchase some fabric before the local shops closed and even received donation fabric to keep making masks. While I was searching which facilities needed masks I discovered a Facebook Group – COVID Mask Crafters. I joined the group on a Friday and somehow my Sunday I had become one of the group admins and offered to build a website.

The website offered an easy way for volunteer sewers to find the patterns being accepted at facilities all over the United States. It also became a place to request masks. The group grew so rapidly going from 500 to 5000 in just a few weeks.

The mask movement became a nationwide movement with many grassroots groups popping up. Covid Mask Crafters merged with The Mask Now Coalition and the websites have slowly merged.

This was a great project I was happy to contribute to in just a crazy time in our live.