Ultimate Website Redesign Planning Guide

Redesigning your website can feel overwhelming and there are a lot of details to get right. From the layout to SEO to image optimization and forms and privacy policies…it can feel like an uphill battle.

Our guide is designed to guide you through the planning stages so when it comes time to put the elements on the pages, you have a clear plan to make the process faster and simpler.

We will help you thoroughly plan and track the progress of your website redesign.

To help make the many moving pieces of a website redesign a little easier to digest, we’ve segmented the process into seven stages.

STEP 1: Strategy
STEP 2: Plan
STEP 3: Design
STEP 4: Build
STEP 5: Optimize
STEP 6: Launch
STEP 7: Analyze

We have broken down the process into these 7 stages. It is vital you complete stages 1 and 2 before moving on. While stages 1 and 2 primarily involve benchmarking, taking inventory, and answering important questions before you begin your website redesign, the latter stages are for tracking your redesign while it’s in progress.
This Marketing Plan Workbook is for personal use only. You may print as many copies as you like, however this item cannot be redistributed or resold without express written permission.

Please note: Due to the DIGITAL nature of this product, NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.


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