Crafting Vintage Charm: How Fabric Scout Studio Enhanced Sales with a Shopify Redesign

by | Mar 30, 2024 | Case Studies


Fabric Scout Studio, specializing in handmade and curated vintage home décor, sought a website revamp on Shopify to elevate their brand and streamline product visibility.

Facing the challenge of customers struggling to find promoted products and aiming to highlight featured items and popular categories, Fabric Scout Studio enlisted our help to redesign their Shopify store while minimizing disruptions to sales.

Our solution involved utilizing Shopify’s backend to redesign the theme seamlessly. We created a visually appealing homepage showcasing the latest featured product and popular categories with clean, updated images and reorganized product categories for improved navigation.

Post-implementation, Fabric Scout Studio experienced overwhelming positive feedback from fans and anticipates improved metrics such as increased time on site and conversions. The client testimonial highlights their delight with the revamped site.

In conclusion, Fabric Scout Studio’s success story underscores the transformative power of a tailored website redesign. Ready to elevate your online presence? Schedule a strategy call with us today at

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