72 Stats To Understand SEO In 2018

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Website SEO

Probably the most important thing for everyone owning a website is that it gets the desired amount of traffic. Whether the website is owned by a retailing company, a sports betting company, or is a personal blog, they all have the same goal – getting ranked as high as possible in organic search results.

That is why search engine optimization (SEO) is of the utmost importance. It is defined as the process of improving the online visibility of the website in a search engine’s unpaid results. The earlier and more frequently a website appears in the search list, the more visitors, who can ultimately become potential customers, it receives.
FUN FACT: 2.3 million searches per second are performed on Google.

The first search engine called altavista.com was launched in 1994, and within the next three years msn.com, yandex.ru and google.com appeared. That is the same period when SEO started and when webmasters began optimizing websites for search engines. Ever since then, site optimization has evolved to become a sort of science.

Developers need to figure out how the search engines work. According to SEOtribunal, pagespeed, content quality, backlinking, security, click through rate, images, and videos are some of the most important aspects that need to be optimized to perfection for a site to rank as high as possible.

Probably the most important aspect of SEO is making a website both user friendly and easy for search engines to understand it.

In recent years, mobile search has surpassed desktop search, and that’s why major search engines such as Google require websites to be mobile friendly or else they will suffer a penalty which would put them lower in the search results.

An interesting fact is that organic returns are more trusted, with 70-80% of users focusing on the organic search results instead of the paid ads. Companies that use overly aggressive marketing techniques can even get their client website banned from search results.

With the trend of constantly innovating and evolving, SEO is only going to continue its growth. Scroll down and check out the infographic to see some interesting facts and to find out how important SEO really is.

72 stats to understand in SEO